1. Welcome To The Salt Experience

    Many have made the switch to pink Himalayan salt for their food, but not many are keen to the many benefits of salt therapy. Salt therapy spas are beginning to crop up as people become more aware of this type of health treatment and how it can positively impact their health. So, what can a salt therapy spa do for you?   Salt is an electrolyte needed in our biology, and we can’t exist without it…Read More

  2. NEW Salty Yoga!

    We are very excited to now offer Salty Yoga.  Please feel free to browse upcoming classes by date below or click HERE to schedule.   Monday August 6th @ 6:00pm Wednesday August 8th @ 10:00am Saturday August 11th @ 10:00am Wednesday August 15th @ 4:00pm Friday August 17th @ 10:00am Monday August 20th @ 6:00pm Wednesday August 22nd @ 4:30pm Thursday August 23rd @ 10:00am Saturday August 25th @…Read More