Many have made the switch to pink Himalayan salt for their food, but not many are keen to the many benefits of salt therapy. Salt therapy spas are beginning to crop up as people become more aware of this type of health treatment and how it can positively impact their health. So, what can a salt therapy spa do for you?


Salt is an electrolyte needed in our biology, and we can’t exist without it! It plays a role in nerve impulses, relaxing and contracting vessels, and assists in a proper fluid balance, which makes it a major player in our health and wellness. At The Salt Experience, we understand the importance of salt and how it impacts health, which is why we’ve devoted our spa to salt therapy! Join us in today’s post as we navigate our salt therapy business and everything it offers!

Our Salt Therapy Spa Services


A common question we get here is, “What do you do at a salt therapy spa?” This is a very valid question because not too many salt spas are out there, especially in Strongsville! There are three different halotherapies you can choose from when you visit our salt spa.


A typical room at our salt therapy spa has a layer of salt sand to sit in, either directly or indirectly, with salt bricks that line the walls. Relax in our lounging chairs or sit on the salt for direct contact.


Our Private Salt Therapy Room


If you’re looking for a quiet, meditative experience, or you wish to invite a couple friends to the salt spa, a private room allows you to retreat and enjoy the benefits of halotherapy alone or surrounded by your closest friends.


Our Group Salt Therapy Room

This is a social salt space filled with cushions and lounge chairs that is dimly lit so you can engage in conversation, or wrap up in a blanket and reap the benefits of halotherapy.


Our Halobooth


This type of salt therapy is for the person on-the-go! It gives the full spectrum of benefits of a salt spa experience in a fraction of the time. You can come in and sit in the booth on your lunch break, or before or after work.


We also offer a wet salt spa experience with our foot detox lounge where you and your friends can relax with calming music in comfortable chairs and soak your feet in a Himalayan salt bath.


If you’re ready to approach health and wellness in a compelling new way, try our salt therapy spa in Strongsville today!